Welcome to Bridgestone Canada Winter Driving Training

Our goal is to make you the safest driver you can be. We are here to help build your driving confidence no matter what the weather can throw at you. Skid recovery will be second nature to you after your day with us.

The Bridgestone Canada Driving Training team is committed to helping you improve all aspects of your driving. You will improve your steering, braking and vision to make you a safer driver. You will be able to create “Safe Passage” for yourself, family, and friends and most importantly “Safe Passage” by practicing recovery during a crisis.

Days like this are why we hold Winter Advanced Driver Training sessions. Our sessions will better prepare you to evaluate your ability to successfully drive on days like these because you have already experienced your car on the edge in our controlled environment. We are offering two more sessions at Mosport’s DDT this month. Extensive use of the ice covered skidpad area will provide training in vision, throttle control, skid recovery, and collision avoidance. Try to make this a friends and family event.

Collision avoidance is your first lifesaving skill when something bad happens on the road in front of you. How many of us have practiced this skill? How many of us were even taught collision avoidance when we learned to drive?

At Bridgestone Canada Winter Driving Training, safety is our primary concern. The job of our experienced instructor/coaches is to help you learn your driving skill limits and expand that performance envelope in a safe way. Many years of “seat time” have taught our instructors to feel the car’s responses to your inputs and anticipate any handling issues before they occur. Our staff will help you “learn to listen” to your car, all the while building your confidence on the road.